Jason NelsonVocals.

Jason is the hardest working singer in St. Louis. Besides singing with The RetroNerds you can see him with Someone to Love-A Tribute to Queen, The Wackness, 120 Minutes, or Kick X. Jason’s stage energy comes from a special proprietary mixture of  peanut M&Ms, Swedish Fish, sugar, maple syrup, and a radish. He typically loses 8 pounds during a performance.

Jim CrosbyGuitar. 

Computer techie, member of the band Surrender Dorothy, and master of any song ever written! Jim still enjoys using his Commodore 64 and does the 20 minute work out in fast forward on his beta VCR so it only takes 12 minutes. Jim has spent a lot of time trying to create an actual light saber from a 60 watt bulb,  permanent marker, D battery, and an empty gift wrap tube.

 Jeff GrahamPercussion.

Jeff Graham has performed with Church of Bowling,  The Colts Drum and Bugle Corps, and The Express Scripts corporate band. He was part of the premiere performance of the regionally renowned Trio for Three Percussion composition. All of Jeff’s band money is invested in his home brew set up–ask him for some Vanilla Coffee Stout! Jeff was married on the set of Star Trek Next Generation.

Mike SteinkampBass.

Musician, Gearhead, Financial Advisor and lover of frosted sugar cookies. Can also be seen around town with WYSIWYG and Kick X. Dreams of being a Yomo Driver! Mike contributes to the website CarrotTricks.com. Mike’s attempts to juggle machetes has been placed on hold due to a very small accident not even worth mentioning.